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Covid Precautions

Just as you value the therapeutic work I provide, I value each and every one of you as people, neighbors and clients. Your health and wellness is my top priority. As we continue through the pandemic,

I am committed to sustaining a safe space to heal and rest.

In order to provide a sanitary environment and an optimal massage experience, my safety protocols are as follows-

  • Deep cleaning all surfaces between every session

  • Mandatory mask wearing throughout the duration of the massage

  • Built-in time between clients to avoid overlap

  • Medical grade air purifier to control air quality

  • Requiring disclosure of recent client travel

Out of deference for others and my own wellbeing, my Covid vaccinations are 100 percent up to date. 

I also strive to be in full compliance with all local, state, and CDC guidelines and I expect the same high standards from the Integral community so that I can continue to safely offer therapeutic massage by appointment. 

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